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We've launched businesses in markets ranging from Africa to South East Asia. We've worked in business development, ran military operations, disaster response operations, negotiated critical deals, managed crisis, exported critical technology [including drones and satellites], managed construction projects, and planned market entry strategies for startups and corporations. We're strategists, project managers, business humans, operators, and entrepreneurs. Let us manage getting your business off the ground in a new foreign market. Our team and network will launch your business into success.

Our three core areas of expertise can be implemented together for comprehensive market entry or contracted on an as-needed basis.  Contact us for a customized project proposal.



Conducting business ethically and sustainably should be a priority for companies looking to do good through technology. Combined with disruptive strategy create shared value for you and for the global community. Our team will work with yours to build the right market entry strategy that will minimize political risk, maximize market opportunities, and make a positive impact.


Our network of local experts coupled with our use of cutting-edge technology, data analytics, and boots-on-the-ground management will ensure that your business is set up for success.  Be prepared for any market and let us manage implementation of your high tech product into local infrastructure.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Getting your product into a new market begins with ensuring your supply chain is prepared for production and export. Once ready for export, we pride ourselves in identifying the best routes of transportation, and finding unique solutions to get your product into its destination is our 

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