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We value the importance of Sustainable Development. We believe no effort is too small when it comes to making the world a better place for all. Achieving the shared value of impact and profit can happen when innovative strategy and execution are aligned. Let us manage getting your business off the ground in a foreign market, make your current operations and logistics processes more agile and efficient,  implement a new idea in a challenging environment, or simply assess your market entry strategy. Work with us to launch your ideas to success.


Emerging markets provide a unique opportunity for growth and impact through disruptive technology and sustainable business partnerships. We navigate, the asymmetry between what is developed and what is frontier, including complex environments. This requires innovative ways to implement technology in countries with infrastructural and institutional gaps.


Our expertise launching businesses and managing operations in markets ranging from Africa to South East Asia is a resource your organization can plug and activate to build alongside your team.

Whether it be building partnerships, integrating with and into military and disaster response operations, negotiated critical deals, managing crisis, exporting critical technology, managing development projects, or  building a market entry strategy. Let us take your endeavors across the line and into success.



Disruptive technology often transcends current regulatory and social norms. With so many unknowns, market entry strategy needs to be agile, adaptable, and go beyond the boardroom. It must be able to withstand operating environments that would normally shy your competitors away.

We know what it takes to successfully enter complex emerging markets.  With political risk, varying levels of infrastructure and business practices, cultural distances, and occasional lack of established processes, it is important to have a team on your side that can navigate these markets and ensure your both your bottom line and society win.

Go to Market Preparedness
Management Structure for Growth
Market Entry Analysis
Partnerships & Business Development
Crisis Management


Tech for Good is disrupting known ways of solving the world's needs and customer wants. As such, it requires fresh, innovative, and versatile solutions to implement in the most challenging of our globe's infrastructures and markets. Companies that have developed a new technology, whether in the health, drone, or aerospace sector can challenge our current way of living for the better, but also create social and regulatory reforms that need unique tactics for navigation.

Our focus is on giving companies with a mission in achieving one or more of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals an edge in ensuring sustainability of their product and protecting equity in their new market.

Global Transportation Optimization
Supply Chain Transformation
Risk Assessment & Mitigation
Trade Compliance, Audit, & Related Services
Manufacturing and Production Optimization


Getting your product into a new market begins with ensuring your supply chain is prepared for production and transportation. Once ready for export, we pride ourselves in identifying the optimal routes, and finding unique solutions to get your product into its destination.

CGS Logomark


Today's world problems require an innovative approach to strategy, operations implementation, and logistics. We work with business, government, and non-profit leaders to prepare their organizations for change, develop the right business and operations mix to enter a new market or make the right decision on the ground. Whether implementing new projects or improving existing ones, we work with your team to develop one-of-a-kind solutions. Unlike other consulting companies, we don't tell you what to do, but rather develop an ongoing partnership toward a long-standing and effective enterprise.


We've launched business operations in markets ranging from West Africa to South East Asia. Our team has the ability to lead or support your organization's operational transition through the next stage, whether preparing to scale, or looking to implement your technology in an unknown market.


Navigating into unknown territory requires precise resource allocation and innovative project management

Project Management
Tech Implementation
Process Development
Business Process Analysis & Reengineering
Ops Anchor


Our three core areas of expertise can be implemented together for comprehensive market entry or contracted on an as-needed basis.  Contact us for a customized project proposal.

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