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Your company has engineered the latest solution to our world's problems. Now it requires equally 'disruptive' strategy to successfully integrate around the globe. At CGS we know what it takes to successfully enter complex emerging markets.  With political risk, varying levels of infrastructure and business practices, cultural distances, and occasional lack of established processes, it is important to have a team on your side that can navigate these markets and ensure your both your bottom line and society win.


Disruptive technology often transcends current regulatory and social norms. With so many unknowns, a market entry strategy needs to go beyond the boardroom, be agile, adaptable, yet be able to withstand operating environments that would normally shy your competitors away. .

Go to Market Preparedeness

Prepare your current business operations for expansion. Ensure strategic alignment within your company.

Management Structure for Growth

Establish the right  organizational structure for scaling. Pre-emptive organizational change management.

Market Entry Analysis

Understand market risks and opportunities beyond traditional market research or product use cases. Ensure your product is administratively, geographically, culturally, and ethically ready to make an impact.

Business Development

Team up with our expertise to navigate business dealings, work with local governments, and facilitate product and operations partnerships that will be sustainable despite risk.

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