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Meet The Team

Casas Global Solutions is proud to be a female, veteran, and minority-owned business operations solutions consulting startup. Our team has as diverse of a background in professional and societal experiences as the American dream. Our founders' passion for making a difference in the world has led them to become leaders in the military, non-profit, and disruptive tech world. Their experience building companies from the ground up, scaling organizations domestically and worldwide, and making an impact beyond borders led to building a unique company that sees past business deals or engineering feats.


At CGS we believe the missing element in modern, engineering-heavy, companies looking to expand overseas is an operative-minded business person with the experience, tenacity, and strategic acumen to see a comprehensive picture and create solutions that will bring a net positive impact in the world. We believe our work is the future.


Crista Casas has worked in the  startup industry as a global business operations manager in West Africa, Australia, India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. Her expertise is in vetting market entry strategy, overseeing medical drone delivery integration operations into military combat training, business development, and managing organizational change for scaling.  Prior to that, she served in the non-profit disaster response sector, where she oversaw multiple operations in response to national and international disasters. 


Crista also worked as a corporate business fixer in the health and fitness industry. She began her civilian career in the long-haul transportation sector where she supervised operations for a nation-wide trucking company. Ms. Casas has served as a firefighter in the state of Colorado. Crista served in the United States Marine Corps from 2005 until 2016 as a logistics non-commissioned officer, including a role as a cargo  handler for combat operations in Iraq from 2008-2009. She is currently an MBA candidate at the George Washington University, where she also teaches Business Ethics and Public Policy. She graduated the University of California-Berkeley with a degree in Political Science, a concentration in International Relations and Areas Studies (Middle East & Latin America) and a minor in Near Eastern Art and Archaeology in 2005. 

Director of Global
Supply Chain & Logistics

Marina Yang is an innovative, dynamic supply chain professional with over 20 years of sales and business operations experience specializing in supply chain and international trade with extensive expertise in technology, manufacturing, and retail industries as well as broad knowledge in international trade compliance, global supplier management and performance audit, freight audit, and process management. She has built logistics and customer service departments spanning across three continents and oversaw manufacturing plant relocation, and regulatory compliance. 


Ms. Yang joined the startup world working with nanosatellites and drones where she built the global logistics and supply chain teams. She managed sourcing, suppliers, tax exemptions, ERP system implementations, compliance of governmental and other agency's license requirements for import and export of controlled technology in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.  She was instrumental in the success of the company's supply chain strategy and global logistics front.  She holds a degree in Business Administration and Management from the San Jose State University.

Director of Global

Erica Duran has a broad range of experience managing the deployment of infrastructure and technology for rapidly growing startups and NGOs across the United States, Haiti, and Rwanda. Ms. Duran has previously worked with Crista Casas as a part of the global operations team for drone logistics startup in the Silicon Valley, where she oversaw infrastructure design and operations deployments in Ghana and Rwanda.


Prior to that, Erica worked in the renewable energy sector, where she was responsible for developing and implementing strategy for operations across the United States. She also managed projects between cross-functional product and media teams, as well as the rapid deployment of new hardware. As a New Market Construction Project manager, Erica managed the construction of dozens of Electric Vehicle Charging Station Construction projects across the United States. She excels at identifying the most important needs of complicated multidisciplinary projects, designing and executing efficient, adaptable, and scalable solutions, especially in developing markets.


Erica studied Civil Engineering and Sustainable Business & Environmental Science at Northeastern University.

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