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About ​Us


In complex emerging markets or in unprecedented crisis, Casas Global Solutions will implement the right strategy and tactics for your business.


We understand that startups and companies looking to expand or relocate into emerging markets, can be limited by resource allocation, specializations, or administrative and geographic distances. Casas Global Solutions provides your company with business strategy and implementation, as well as crisis management, all under one roof.




Our team brings you the overseas experience, innovative mindset, business acumen, and technical expertise required to create uncommon solutions to intricate problems that a growing business might face. Not just another consulting firm, CGS is built on the idea that business decisions should not solely be made in the boardroom or through remote data analysis, but rather, should engage operations expertise, local experts, and modern technology to deliver the best strategy and tactics to grow and scale.  



CGS specializes in working with startups and companies in the disruptive technology, health, renewable energy, and aerospace industries, as well as non-governmental organizations.


Our markets of expertise include South East Asia, India, Australia, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Latin America.

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